Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOUTILIER, Arthur  Dec 1868Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I43420
2 BOUTILIER, Arthur Gordon  8 Jul 1875Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I91979
3 BOUTILIER, Charles John  1 Jan 1846Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I15184
4 BOUTILIER, Charlotte Louisa  1865Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I51133
5 BOUTILIER, Daniel B.  30 Nov 1872Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I43357
6 BOUTILIER, Earnest James   I23907
7 BOUTILIER, Foster William  26 May 1916Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23674
8 BOUTILIER, Freda May Agnes  29 Mar 1895Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I91977
9 BOUTILIER, Frederick Gordon  Abt 1927Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23909
10 BOUTILIER, Frederick Plastard  15 Aug 1905Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23670
11 BOUTILIER, George Edward  27 Jan 1859Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I91968
12 BOUTILIER, George Rufus  17 Apr 1878Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I46140
13 BOUTILIER, George William  15 Dec 1896Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I91978
14 BOUTILIER, Isabella  Abt 1851Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I22454
15 BOUTILIER, James  1864Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I75647
16 BOUTILIER, James Gilbert  17 Jul 1908Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23671
17 BOUTILIER, John Henry  2 Mar 1854Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I188888
18 BOUTILIER, Josiah Samuel  19 May 1874Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23664
19 BOUTILIER, Lola May  3 May 1912Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23672
20 BOUTILIER, Lucy Elizabeth [Lulu]  23 Jun 1902Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23668
21 BOUTILIER, Mary Ann Catherine  27 Jan 1871Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I91969
22 BOUTILIER, Mary Catherine  14 Feb 1881Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I48166
23 BOUTILIER, Mary Mabel  1 Jun 1881Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I31975
24 BOUTILIER, Melissa  1870Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I91970
25 BOUTILIER, Oscar Josiah  15 Oct 1903Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23669
26 BOUTILIER, Peter  1 Jan 1854Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I96208
27 BOUTILIER, Samuel  24 Aug 1879Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I43419
28 BOUTILIER, Samuel Gordon  1 Nov 1914Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23673
29 BOUTILIER, Susan Adelaide  Jan 1856Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I91951
30 BOUTILIER, Thomas George  1868Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23666
31 BOUTILIER, Thomas J.  15 Apr 1851Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I22453
32 BOUTILIER, Weston Archibald   I23906
33 BOUTILIER, William Frederick  30 Sep 1855Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I91967
34 BOUTILIER, William Henry  6 Mar 1847Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I91002
35 BOUTILIER, William Wallace  2 Feb 1878Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I46139
36 BULL, Constance   I23649
37 CHADDOCK, Annie Esther  5 Nov 1897Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23681
38 CHADDOCK, Edwin Arthur [Ted]  3 Nov 1903Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23684
39 CHADDOCK, Elsie Miriam  24 Apr 1899Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23682
40 CHADDOCK, Florence Pease [Flossie]  11 May 1896Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23680
41 CHADDOCK, Harold James George  16 Nov 1905Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23685
42 CHADDOCK, Kenneth  31 Mar 1908Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23686
43 CHADDOCK, Margaret Amy Violet  19 Apr 1910Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23687
44 CHADDOCK, Morgan Chesley   I23934
45 CHADDOCK, Phillip Angus  31 May 1901Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23683
46 CLANCY, Arthur P.  15 Jan 1870Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I198062
47 COOKSON, Samuel J.  15 Oct 1876Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I26483
48 GEBHARD, Bessie M.  1877Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I103984
49 GEBHARD, Charlotte E.  1880Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I103985
50 GEBHARD, Emily Louise  1874Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I103982

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BOUTILIER, Ann  9 Dec 1881Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I32083
2 BOUTILIER, Arthur  Mar 1869Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I43420
3 BOUTILIER, George Richard  27 Feb 1891Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23665
4 BOUTILIER, John Frederick C'  Abt 10 Feb 1861Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I277433
5 BOUTILIER, John George  1857Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I65965
6 BOUTILIER, Julia Ann  22 Feb 1902Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I19842
7 BOUTILIER, Lucy Elizabeth [Lulu]  18 Mar 1909Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23668
8 BOUTILIER, Samuel Gordon  Jul 1915Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23673
9 GREEN, Mary  20 Sep 1913Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I14699
10 INNES, George  24 Jul 1871Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I15668
11 INNES, James  May 1885Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I6856
12 INNES, Olive Sarah  5 Nov 1911Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I43418
13 JOLLIMORE, Alexander  23 May 1922Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I22480
14 JOLLIMORE, Annie Laura  21 Aug 1873Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23483
15 JOLLIMORE, Catherine  3 May 1934Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23504
16 JOLLIMORE, Elizabeth Ann  22 Nov 1891Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23498
17 JOLLIMORE, Elizabeth May [Bessie]  19 Nov 1891Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23499
18 JOLLIMORE, Emma Charlotte  26 Nov 1926Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I22478
19 JOLLIMORE, Francis  8 Sep 1940Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I22442
20 JOLLIMORE, George Frederick  4 Dec 1899Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I19818
21 JOLLIMORE, George Frederick  24 Feb 1916Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23484
22 JOLLIMORE, George Frederick Willis [Twin]  22 Mar 1907Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I18043
23 JOLLIMORE, James Albert  18 Dec 1933Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I16286
24 JOLLIMORE, John Samuel  10 Aug 1934Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23048
25 JOLLIMORE, John Willis  18 Nov 1891Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23500
26 JOLLIMORE, Lilly Frances  Jul 1884Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I22446
27 JOLLIMORE, Louisa  22 Jul 1914Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I14836
28 JOLLIMORE, Lucy Ann  30 Sep 1947Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23510
29 JOLLIMORE, Mary Ann  27 Nov 1871Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I6859
30 JOLLIMORE, Rose Victoria  3 Jun 1898Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I19824
31 JOLLIMORE, Violet May  22 Nov 1893Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23502
32 MACASKILL, Isabella  24 Jan 1927Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23529
33 MARRIOTT, Arthur Wellesley  28 Nov 1914Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I124889
34 MARRIOTT, Beatrice  12 Oct 1908Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I19622
35 MATHESON, Christina Ann  3 May 1940Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I23497
36 SLAUENWHITE, Albert  12 Oct 1908Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I14702
37 SLAUENWHITE, Angelina Sophia  21 Sep 1920Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I8809
38 SLAUENWHITE, Blanche [Twin]  10 Oct 1873Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I22475
39 SLAUENWHITE, Esther Lillie  19 Jan 1899Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I13571
40 SLAUENWHITE, Francis [Twin]  30 Sep 1873Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I27781
41 SLAUENWHITE, Jessie May  23 May 1898Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I14698
42 SLAUENWHITE, Millie Ethel  25 Nov 1892Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I14693
43 SLAUENWHITE, Sophia  1903Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I4658
44 SLAUENWHITE, Vera Patricia  8 Mar 1922Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I22923
45 SLAUENWHITE, William Amos  7 Feb 1928Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I8810
46 UMLAH, Charles Alexander  Bef 1914Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I68412
47 WESTHAVER, Lucy Ann  Between 1863 and 1865Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I19819
48 WESTHAVER, Susannah [Twin]  18 Jun 1844Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I43359
49 WILKIE, Elizabeth Margaret  19 Jan 1899Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I75646


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 INNES, Annie Ada  Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I27729
2 INNES, Mary Elizabeth  Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I12013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 JOLLIMORE, Sophia Catherine  1 Jun 1831Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS I12581


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BRIGLEY / HARTLEN  6 Aug 1868Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS F17157
2 CREIGHTON / JOLLIMORE  3 Mar 1891Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS F10662
3 HUBLEY / BISHOP  28 Dec 1904Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS F16568
4 JOHNSON / KEDDY  6 Aug 1902Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS F40287
5 MACDONALD / INNES  1 Nov 1891Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS F18143
6 MARTIN / SLAUENWHITE  19 Oct 1909Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS F4349
7 MONT / HUBLEY  6 Oct 1897Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS F2034
8 SLAUENWHITE / WAMBOLDT  9 May 1918Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS F7438
9 WALKER / KEDDY  27 Nov 1872Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS F23101