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In daughter Jane's death record, she is Elizabeth BAKER; but in son Isaac's death record, she is Elizabeth TANNER. 
BAKER, Elizabeth Catherine (I91705)

The 1931 Obituary Notice for Mrs. Sophie BAKER states that she is survived by an adopted daughter, Mrs. Howard RHODENHIZER. It would appear that Mrs. RHODENHIZER was May Celeste CHASE; however, in May's marriage record, Sophie and her husband Israel are not given as her paretns. So it would appear that she was eithera foster daughter or, as is more likely, someone who was "like a daughter" to the otherwise childless Israel and Sophie. [Bob H] 
CHASE, Celeste (I14673)
3  MACDOUGALL, Kenneth Angus (I270525)
4  CORBITT, Sarah Ann (I315948)
5  Family: Charles Eldred MOSSMAN / Nora Agnes CANNON (F129806)
6 There are two Isaac VEINOT's of approximately the same age--Peter Isaac [who went by the name Isaac] b. 23 Dec 1815 s/o John Peter and Catherine (JOUDREY) VEINOT, and Isaac VEINOT, b. 25 Sep 1813, s/o John Frederick and Mary Catherine (LOWE) VEINOT. Between them, they had [at least) three brides--Lucy JOUDREY, who was I think b. 7 Nov 1816, d/o John George and Susanna Catherine (LOWE) JOUDREY, Sarah Ann OICKLE, b. 18 Oct 1828, whose parents may (or may not) have been John Peter and Mary Sarah (BARRY) OICKLE; and Anna Maria [Mary Ann] MOSHER, b. 12 Jul 1817, d/o John Peter and Maria Regina (MORASH) MOSER and widow of Jacob OXNER (1807-1845). The problem is--which Isaac VEINOT married whom.

Now we know from 1855 SJAL birth/baptismal record for their daughter Mary Jane, that the Isaac who married Mary Ann (MOSHER) OXNER in 1855 lived at Fauxbourg. And an MBA birth/baptismal record tells us that Stephen VEINOT s/o Isaac and Lucy was b.23 Jun 1838 at Fauxbourg. This in turn tells us that the Isaac who m. Lucy is the same Isaac who married Mary Ann. BeCAUSe they lived at Maitland and then Northfield, this also tells us that it is Peter Isaac who married Sarah Ann OICKLE.

Next, Jacob and Mary Ann (MOSHER) OXNER had a daughter named Lavinia Louisa b. 1845, and in 1865, Benjamin HYSON marries a Lavinia OXNER. In the 1871 Census, we see that said Benjamin HYSON is married to a Louisa. We also see that Benjamin and Louisa have a son named Dennis b. 1886, but Dennis civil birth record states that his mother is named Lavina OXNER. So it seems clear [at least to me] that Benjamin HYSON's wife is the d/o Jacob and Mary Ann.

But more importantly, also living in the household of Benjamin and Louisa HYSON is one Isaac VEINOT, widower, age 67, which place his birth squarely in 1913! So I believe that the question of who married whom is settled. 
VEINOT, Isaac (I204552)
7 Although she and Elzie ARMSTRONG were not married until 1932, all of the children shown always appear as theirs. Annie Agnes SLAUNWHITE told her granddaughter that she "Got married in the round church where the devil couldn't corner me" (St. George's Anglican). SLAUENWHITE, Annie Agnes [Twin] (I17189)
8 Although she is the right age, the right religion, and in the right place, it is not proven that this is the Mary Elizabeth SMITH who m. John Enos CROOKS. SMITH, Mary Elizabeth (I146049)
9 Ezekiel Burgess HARNISH sates, in his WWI CEF Attestation papers that he is married; however, there is no know marriage record for an Ezekiel or a Burgess HARNISH. However, there is a 1914 marriage record for an Alfred HARNISH, whose mother's name is listed as as Marie ROBSON.

a. There are no known Alfred HARNISH's who could have married Viola JACKSON in 1914.
b. There are no Alfred HARNISH's in the 1901 and/or 1911 censuses who could possibly be the man who marries Viola JACKSON.
c. The date and place of birth, as well as his mother's name, all fit the known facts about Ezekiel Burgess HARNISH.
d. Ezekiel Burgess HARNISH is killed in action in 1917, in France, and on 4 Jan 1921, his (who states she isa wodw), marries Clarence STOUTLEY.

So I think that there is simply a mistake in the civil marriage register and that Alfred and Ezekiel HARNISH are the same person. [Bob H] 
Family: Ezekiel Burgess HARNISH / Viola Edna JACKSON (F50147)
10 Hamish [Harnish], Gotlib Lunenburg County 1796
Memorialist is, with a family of nine, settled on the West side of St. Margaret's Bay on land purchased from John Anenburg [Arenburg]. The land is poor, he has had no grant from government, and he requests that His Excellency signify his pleasure that he occupy 1000 ac. of land behind his lot to supply a saw mill during pleasure or until further orders be received relative to granting land.
Approved - Wentworth 
HARNISCH, Johann Gottlieb (I2231)
11 In 1901, he appears in White Horse, Yukon Territory, as a North West Mounted Policeman. MOSSMAN, Stewart (I164599)
12 In the 1881 Census of NS, Daniel HUBLEY (1843) of Milford appears with a servant, Mary GREENLOW (whom he marries on 23 Jul 1882) and her one-year old daughter, Jennie. I had previously thought that the Jennie HUBLEY, d/o Daniel who marries Willis POTTER was that daughter, Jennie GREENLOW. Now there always was a fly in that ointment; i.e., her marker says that she was born Oct 1886, the 1901 Census has her born 1883, and the 1911 Census has her born Oct 1886. To this point, I had thought that she couldn't be born in 1883 or 1886 if she appears in the 1881 census.

What made me rethink this is that Jennie's daughter, Louise J. (POTTER) SELIG, is b. 1931 (per her marker). If that's true and if Jennie was b. 1879, then Jennie would be about 52 when Louise was born, which raises a big red flag. So, I took another look at the 1901 and 1911 Censuses.

The 1901 Census lists the daughters of Daniel as Jennie 1883, Myrtle 1885, Cora 1887, and Olive 1889; but it gives their ages as 15, 13, 11, and 9, which does not compute. Now daughter Olive also appears in the 1911 Census, and there she is listed as b. Jul 1892, age 18, which gibes with her age in the 1901 Census. Also, daughter Jennie's marker inscription gibes with her age in the 1901 Census and DOB in the 1911 Census. So it would appear that the ages (rather than the years of birth) in the 1901 Census are correct, and that Jenny was indeed born in Oct 1885/1886. This also makes her age when daughter Louise is born something like 45, which is eminently more believable that 52.

But if that be so, then she cannot be Jennie GREENLOW. So, I now think that the Jennie HUBLEY who marries Willis POTTER is a completely different person, i.e., Jennie HUBLEY born 19 Oct 1886, d/o Daniel and Jane (TUPPER) HUBLEY. [Bob H] 
HUBLEY, Jennie Belle (I97262)
13 In the 1930 Census, William and Margaret JEWERS are seen living in Somerville, MA. Family: William Edward JEWERS / Margaret Jane FRASER (F58523)
14 It is not 100% certain that this Bibiana SLAUNWHITE is Barbara, wife of Nicholas Edward BROWN, but here is the evidence:
a. The baptismal record for one of her children gives her name as Barbara SLAUNWHITE
b. Her marriage record states she is Barbara MARTIN, b. Prospect, d/o John and Mary MARTIN
c. Her age in the 1881 Census is given as 26, placing her birth abt 1854
d. Living with Nicholas and Barbara BROWN in the 1901 Census is Hattie DRYSDALE, d/o Ephraim and Sarah Jane DRYSDALE.
e. Sarah Jane dies in 1898 and it would normally be assumed that Hattie has gone to live with a blood relative; Hattie's grandmother is Mary Eliza SLAUNWHITE, which would make Barbara Hattie's great-aunt
f. The name Bibiana is occasionally seen for Terence Bay area residents named Barbara, and Mary Eliza SLAUNWHITE has a sister who appears in two separate documents as Bibiana or Bibe A.
g. The BROWN family, Hattie DRYSDALE and Hattie's parents are all Catholic

Clearly, Barbara BROWN is the d/o John George and Mary Ann (SLAUNWHITE) SLAUNWHITE aka MARTIN, and the only daughter this could reasonably be is Bibiana. [Bob H] 
SLAUENWHITE, Barbara (I5942)
15 On 12 Jun 1867, Mary Eveline (WHEELOCK) VEINOT arrives at Boston aboard the Schooner Helena out of LaHave, accompanied by her son Joseph Henry and her five youngest children. One of those children is daughter Marian age 12, who appears to have actually been named Maria Catherine. VEINOT, Maria Catherine (I221316)
16 Source Medium: Book Source (S13844)
17 Source Medium: Other Source (S13845)
18 The date of their marriage is not recorded in the civil files. The License jacket contains only the record of their application for a marriage license, dated 2 May 1911. Family: James Wilbert LOHNES / Bessie May SILVER (F43020)
19 !0 Aug 1921 is the date of their marriage bond, which was most often executed on the day of marraige. [Bob H] Family: Clifford Avery MANTHORNE / Vivian Mary JOUDREY (F17634)
20 "Cornwall News - Nathaniel Robar died very suddenly with heart disease on Wednesday morning. He was more than three score years and ten." This notice is dated 20 Nov 1906, which is a Tuesday; so it would appear that he died 14 Nov 1906. ROBAR, Edward Nathaniel (I212689)
21 "The Annapolis Valley Whitman's" has him as Donald Albert ROSCOE. ROSCOE, David Albert (I8716)
22 "The preliminary investigation of Austin Dares of Victory Settlement for the
shooting of his wife Drusella Dares at their house at Victory Settlement on
Dec 1st was began before Justice ID Vroome here on Thursday last. The
information was sworn out by Doras [Darius] Hewey, the father of the
deceased. Mrs Dares died on Dec 6th." 
HEWEY, Ellen Drusilla (I113937)
23 (Kaulback's Head is now the Lunenburg Golf Course.) FAULKENHAM, Elvin Rupert (I180873)
24 (She kept her maiden name after marriage.) WILLMAN, Kristina (I259542)
25 (The date of marriage shown is the date of a marriage license affadavit.) Family: Herado Potter GIDNEY / Eva May DAHLGREN (F133821)
26 (The date of marriage shown is the date of the marriage bond.) Family: Jeremiah Payson DAHLGREN / Mariah JOURNEAY (F133817)
27 (The transcription of) his inscription says that he d. 03 May 1853 at age 25, which would place his birth in 1827-1828. However, Farnham says that he was b. 22 Feb 1829 and died May 1854. Since his parents were married 1 May 1828, I tend to believe Farnham. [Bob H] FREEMAN, Nelson (I39478)
28 HILCHEY, George Edward (I202241)
29 HERMISTON, Kathleen (I206860)
30 13 Jan 1928 is the date of their marriage license; there is no recorded return slip. Family: Aaron ANESTY / Florence Evelyn WESTHAVER (F19243)
31 2B2F-T2 KRESS, Adam Herman (I837)
32 2B2F-V7 BROWN, Ada May (I844)
33 2B2F-ZQ KRESS, Adam Michael (I857)
34 2B2G-0V KOHL, Helena (I858)
35 2B2G-12 BROWN, James Thomas (I845)
36 2B2G-27 GREEK, Alice May (I846)
37 2B2G-5Q KRESS, Johann Heinrich (I838)
38 2B2G-88 DOTTER, Anna Maria (I795)
39 2B2G-ZV KRESS, Barbara (I841)
40 2B2H-01 KRESS, Anna (I842)
41 2B2H-2C KRESS, John Daniel Ernest (I843)
42 2B2H-8D KOHL, Margaretha Maria (I798)
43 2B2H-9K KOHL, Gotthold Adam (I807)
44 2B2H-D3 KOHL, (--?--) (I850)
45 2FMM-J9 BEAN, Roland William (I863)
46 2FMM-KG RUSSELL, Irene Carrieth (I864)
47 2JNT-1T GROSS, Ella Lorene (I865)
48 2JNT-21 GROSS, William (I859)
49 2JNT-36 ROETTGER, Elizabeth (I860)
50 3/11/00 From Kim Stevens book “Eastern Shore Families: Jeddore” . Baker of East and West Jeddore. BAKER, George (I11330)

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