Milton, Norfolk, MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Harold Estern  28 Jun 1925Milton, Norfolk, MA I242525
2 ANDERSON, Phyllis L.   I242524
3 ANDERSON, Ruth Beryl Anderson   I242523
4 BURLINGAME, Lee H.  5 Aug 1928Milton, Norfolk, MA I242485
5 BURLINGAME, Richard A.  1925Milton, Norfolk, MA I242484
6 CARDER, David Chester Jr.  10 Sep 1924Milton, Norfolk, MA I242498
7 CARDER, Ethel Miriam  27 Feb 1921Milton, Norfolk, MA I242496
8 CARDER, Gladys Lillian  26 Dec 1895Milton, Norfolk, MA I242481
9 CARDER, Helen Frances  28 May 1922Milton, Norfolk, MA I242497
10 CARDER, Malcolm Estern  27 Feb 1894Milton, Norfolk, MA I242480
11 CARDER, Marguerite Fay  2 Jan 1920Milton, Norfolk, MA I242495
12 CLARK, Horace William  13 Nov 1883Milton, Norfolk, MA I214434
13 CRUICKSHANKS, George MacKenzie  26 Jul 1924Milton, Norfolk, MA I242504
14 CUTLER, Gordon Pratt  25 Jan 1911Milton, Norfolk, MA I43842
15 DALTON, Anna M.  5 Feb 1860Milton, Norfolk, MA I227763
16 DILLON, Eleanor  1913Milton, Norfolk, MA I32542
17 DILLON, Francis P.  1911Milton, Norfolk, MA I24280
18 DILLON, Joseph T.  1915Milton, Norfolk, MA I32543
19 DOLOFF, Ruth Marjorie  13 Dec 1927Milton, Norfolk, MA I272948
20 ETHERIDGE, Kathryn Louise  21 May 1929Milton, Norfolk, MA I311750
21 FADER, Charles Augustus  25 Jan 1905Milton, Norfolk, MA I127012
22 FADER, Jessie Ellen  25 Mar 1903Milton, Norfolk, MA I127011
23 FREEMAN, Iris Analiza  16 Nov 1912Milton, Norfolk, MA I244929
24 GALLAGHER, Joan Marie  3 Sep 1930Milton, Norfolk, MA I309172
25 HUBLEY, Edgar Ross  15 May 1922Milton, Norfolk, MA I109738
26 HUBLEY, Ida May  25 Dec 1915Milton, Norfolk, MA I109737
27 JOLLIMORE, Clarence Victor Jr.  23 Jan 1945Milton, Norfolk, MA I173345
28 MERRY, Russell Herman  13 Dec 1908Milton, Norfolk, MA I225159
29 MONTIETH, Arthur Irving  15 Aug 1909Milton, Norfolk, MA I73476
30 PICKARD, Doris Elaine   I234678
31 PICKARD, Laurence William  26 Oct 1927Milton, Norfolk, MA I234676
32 PICKERING, Charles A.  22 Sep 1913Milton, Norfolk, MA I107260
33 PICKERING, G. Albert  1910Milton, Norfolk, MA I107259
34 PICKERING, Raphael A.   I107261
35 PICKETT, Milton Arthur  29 Jul 1902Milton, Norfolk, MA I231162
36 ROBAR, Sara Margaret  16 Feb 1904Milton, Norfolk, MA I189614
37 SHOREY, Malcolm Ellsworth  1927Milton, Norfolk, MA I242529
38 SHOREY, Phillip E.   I242528
39 SMITH, Mary Louise  1897Milton, Norfolk, MA I238741
40 WATSON, Donald Clarke Jr.  1 Jun 1918Milton, Norfolk, MA I239374
41 WELTON, Eldridge Hinkley  21 Mar 1917Milton, Norfolk, MA I254342
42 WILLIAMS, Scott Allen  7 Jul 1960Milton, Norfolk, MA I245532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 AKERMAN, Henry F.  15 Jul 1992Milton, Norfolk, MA I143446
2 BOYER, Marion Lyman  May 1970Milton, Norfolk, MA I226715
3 BROWN, Ann M.  25 Apr 1986Milton, Norfolk, MA I438
4 CARDER, Estern Fenwick  9 Jun 1940Milton, Norfolk, MA I39583
5 COSTELLO, Mary Helen  8 Feb 2001Milton, Norfolk, MA I276628
6 COVENEY, William James  9 Jun 1988Milton, Norfolk, MA I442
7 CRUICKSHANKS, George MacKenzie  15 Sep 2002Milton, Norfolk, MA I242504
8 DOOLAN, Ruth E.  29 Jul 2017Milton, Norfolk, MA I202118
9 DRAKE, Christina M.  7 Apr 1982Milton, Norfolk, MA I208797
10 ESAU, Sarah Elizabeth  4 Aug 1926Milton, Norfolk, MA I187232
11 FIELDS, Alice E.  1969Milton, Norfolk, MA I247479
12 HAMMOND, Eleanor Mary  24 Nov 2002Milton, Norfolk, MA I283720
13 HARPELL, Owen Justin  Sep 1918Milton, Norfolk, MA I121340
14 HAUGHN, Alma Selina  1948Milton, Norfolk, MA I291443
15 HEGERICH, George Albert  2 Jun 1986Milton, Norfolk, MA I15
16 HIRTLE, Roy Frank  30 May 1953Milton, Norfolk, MA I105449
17 HUBLEY, Ethel Evelyn  26 Mar 1971Milton, Norfolk, MA I71944
18 JACOBS, Charles  11 Feb 1983Milton, Norfolk, MA I101132
19 JOLLIMORE, Helen F.  17 Sep 1989Milton, Norfolk, MA I44193
20 LONGMIRE, Rena Gertrude  8 Aug 1998Milton, Norfolk, MA I147366
21 MARIANO, Carmela Angela  6 Nov 1986Milton, Norfolk, MA I204468
22 MARSTERS, Mildred Elizabeth  27 Mar 1934Milton, Norfolk, MA I247472
23 MOORE, Saville  Aft 1930Milton, Norfolk, MA I341
24 O'BRIEN, Eileen Hammond  6 Oct 1992Milton, Norfolk, MA I283920
25 PICKARD, Laurence William  4 Feb 2001Milton, Norfolk, MA I234676
26 PICKARD, William Alexander Jr.  Jul 1969Milton, Norfolk, MA I234096
27 RAIS, Virgina Marie  16 Sep 1995Milton, Norfolk, MA I242499
28 REMSEN, Eldon Hartley  Apr 1964Milton, Norfolk, MA I226644
29 REMSEN, Hazel Cynthia  Oct 1965Milton, Norfolk, MA I226643
30 REMSEN, William Wallace  1930Milton, Norfolk, MA I226616
31 ROBINSON, Janis Syliva  11 Dec 2001Milton, Norfolk, MA I273517
32 SCHNARE, Frederick Aberdeen  19 Jun 1982Milton, Norfolk, MA I131892
33 SETTLE, Irene Sophia  May 1970Milton, Norfolk, MA I154324
34 SMITH, Marguerite Blood  1966Milton, Norfolk, MA I242492
35 STANDISH, Marjorie Ann  7 Aug 1994Milton, Norfolk, MA I277991
36 WHITMAN, Helen Ruperta  1 Jul 1977Milton, Norfolk, MA I340


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ANDERSON / CARDER  19 Oct 1917Milton, Norfolk, MA F96292
2 BOYER / REMSEN  1937Milton, Norfolk, MA F89145
3 BURLINGAME / CARDER  1920Milton, Norfolk, MA F96275
4 CAMPBELL / CARDER  1945Milton, Norfolk, MA F96284
5 CARDER / RAIS  1950Milton, Norfolk, MA F96282
6 CLARK / CORKUM  18 Dec 1907Milton, Norfolk, MA F83674
7 CRUICKSHANKS / CARDER  1950Milton, Norfolk, MA F96286
8 DANIELSON / ETHERIDGE  1951Milton, Norfolk, MA F127300
9 ETHERIDGE / MOSHER  1929Milton, Norfolk, MA F127298
10 FALES / OLDFORD  8 Sep 1929Milton, Norfolk, MA F87889
11 FLYNN / BOURNE  1935Milton, Norfolk, MA F102916
12 LLOYD / HUBLEY  1947Milton, Norfolk, MA F40555
13 MERRY / SANGSTER  4 Dec 1912Milton, Norfolk, MA F88397
14 MERRY / SHERIDAN  1941Milton, Norfolk, MA F90021
15 PIERCE / BROWN  11 Sep 1907Milton, Norfolk, MA F121913
16 PORTER / FAHEY  21 Jun 1958Milton, Norfolk, MA F112130
17 SHOREY / CARDER  1921Milton, Norfolk, MA F96295
18 WESCOTT / SPINNEY  1945Milton, Norfolk, MA F98814
19 WHITMAN / MCEWEN  25 Dec 1900Milton, Norfolk, MA F14759