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7101 Which of her two daughters belong to which husband cannot be determined from Lillian's obit. LANGILLE, Lillian Viola (I150942)
7102 Which wife Maggie HUBLEY is the daughter of constitutes a problem. At marriage, she gives her mother's name as Sophia, but this could be because Sophia was her mother in all but the biological sense. Since the record says Sophia, she is carried her as Sophia's daughter; but since we do not know first wife Rebecca's death date, could just have easily been Rebecca's. [Bob H] HUBLEY, Margaret (I70351)
7103 While Aaron and Sophia VEINOT did have a daughter named Phoebe who was born about 1888, it is not certain that this is the Phoebe Louisa VEINOT who marries Samuel Artemus FALKENHAM.

On the one hand, the Phoebe who marries Samuel lived Mahone Bay (according to her marriage record), while the family of Aaron and Sophia VEINOT lived at Baker's Settlement. Both Aaron and Sophia were born in the vicinity of Maitland and they were married at Mahone Bay, but by 1901 (six years before Phoebe Louisa marries Samuel) they were at Baker's Settlement, where they remained. Also, although Aaron and Sophia's Phoebe is b. 1888, she does not appear with the family in the 1901 Census, raising the possibility that she dies before 1901.

On the other hand, if she lives to adulthood, she would be the right age, in the right general area, and has no known husband. Also, I know of no other Phoebe VEINOT who could be Samuel's spouse. Finally, and perhaps most convincingly, the Phoebe ERNST (almost certainly her) who is buried 13 Feb 1920, probably at Whynott's Settlement, is given as age 33 at death.

So, pending further discovery, she is carried here as the spouse of Samuel FALKENHAM. [Bob H] 
VEINOT, Phoebe Louisa (I2422)
7104 While all of his siblings are listed, there is no mention of Henry in his father's 1824 will, nor is there any mention of a surviving widow or children of Henry. Further there is no evidence that Henry lived to adulthood. MOSHER, Heinrich Matthias (I52606)
7105 While baptisms or Census records have been found for Mariah, Francis, and Edward, the only source for the six other children is a descendant of Joseph Howe WAMBOLDT. Other information he furnished has been corroborated, but the existence and placement of these six other children in this family has not. That being said, one of the six--Charles--does appear in the 1881 Census of Westfield, Queens, which adds credibility to the information. [Bob H] Family (F20459)
7106 While escorting a Channel convoy on 22 February 1945, HMCS Trentonian was torpedoed by U-1004 near Falmouth. BECK, Moyle Kitchener (I146643)
7107 While her marker indicates that she was born 1884, the 1891 Census would have her born in 1881/2. Since her parents were married in Dec 1882, my best guess is that she was b. 1883. [Bob H] PETTIPAS, Lucy Ann (I17510)
7108 While her name is on her husband and son's marker at Karsdale, there is no date of death, and I can find no indication that she died in Nova Scotia. TURNER, Mary Louise (I130255)
7109 While I have not seen his marker, I am told that it states a DOB of 13 Apr 1885. However, this appears to be impossible beCAUSe, from the SPAH register, we know that his sister, Ellen Salome was b. 24 Feb 1885. His obituary notice, however, says that he died 11 May 1977 at age 93, which would place his birth in 1884. It is also possible that one of these children was adopted. [Bob H] PETTIPAS, John Edward (I21947)
7110 While it is known that Edith Mae JOHNSTON was d/o Rowlings and Frances (SCOTT) JOHNSTON, it is possible that some of the other children are by Rowlings second wife, Gertrude. Family (F87048)
7111 While Ronald is mentioned as a son, and Linda is mentioned as a step-daughter, in her husband's obit, said obit makes no mention of Doris' other four children and there does not appear to be an explanation for this at the moment. GALLANT, Doris Margaret (I158555)
7112 While some have placed Nelson as the son of Daniel and Sarah (WEBBER) PULSIFER, I have placed him here for following reason.

Daniel's marriage bond tells us that he has established himself as a farmer on the Windsor Road, Halifax.  From the known birthplaces of at least three of his children, it is quite evident that the portion of the Windsor Road his farm is at is now known as Sackville, and it's also clear that he, his wife, and five of their children are buried at Sackville.  So it seems safe to believe that Daniel and Sarah never lived at Hammonds Plains, where we know that Nelson lived.

Now according to the 1901 census, Daniel and Sarah's son David W. is born 14 Jun 1832 and, if one believes Census dates, then one cannot believe that Nelson and David had the same parents.  Personally, I hardly ever believe census dates, so this is probably not a damning indictment of the theory that David and Nelson are brothers. 

More importantly, in the 1838 Census of Lunenburg County, David PULISFER lives on the Windsor Road in Lunenburg County.  This road (which is a completely different Windsor Road than the one in Halifax County) starts at Chester, and the area usually referred to as the Windsor Road is near to Chester. Also, from his daughter Ada's death certificate and son Albert's birth registration application, we know that Nelson was born at Chester (or perhaps on the Windsor Road) at the same time that the children of Daniel and Sarah are being born at Sackville.

So it would seem that Nelson belongs with David, rather than Daniel; but the smoking gun that would prove it is not at hand. 
PULSIFER, Nelson (I123859)
7113 Whysote may be her married name. [Bob H] WHYSOTE, Starlene (I100631)
7114 Wife Barbara is a widow on the 1871 Census of Chester. FRAIL, Joseph (I119514)
7115 Wilfred was born prior to his parents' marriage.
Wilfred's Petition for Naturalization: #290769 U.S. District Court 
AVERY, Wilfred Joseph (I10760)
7116 Wiliam Isaac is a boarder with the Harding family in 1891. Family (F19854)
7117 Will made April 14, 1820. Inventory filed May 16, 1820. She must have died in between the two dates. FERRIS, Ann Millington (I2386)
7118 Willa Kaizer reports that Reginald SAWLER of this family died young, as did two infants. However, in the Western Shore Community Cemetery, Lana Veinotte reports a total of 5 white crosses for “Infant of L & J SAWLER”, which is most likely Lettie and James SAWLER. [Bob H] SAWLER, Infant(s) (I59496)
7119 William and Eleanor disappear from the Census after 1891. Family (F68735)
7120 William and his seven children by Mary PARKER are last seen living in Maple Creek, SK in 1916. Of the seven, only daughter Anna is married; however, she is living with her parents. GILCHRIST, William Fraser (I161410)
7121 William and Lila (Coolen) YOUNG were the founders and operators of the Ideal Maternity Home, East Chester, and were responsible for the notorious “Butterbox Babies”. Family (F17713)
7122 William and Lila Gladys (COOLEN) YOUNG were the owners and operators of the infamous Ideal Maternity Home in East Chester, NS. YOUNG, William Peach (I74581)
7123 William and Marianne are also believed to have had four children. Family (F62367)
7124 William and wife Sharon are believed to have had four children. COOLEN, William H. (I65859)
7125 William BAKER, b. 26 Dec 1801, s/o Johann Friedrich and Magdalena Margaretha (SAWLER) BAKER, first marries Anna Catherine JOUDREY on 9 Nov 1824. William and Anna have five children, one of whom is a daughter, Sarah Ann BAKER, b. 24 Sep 1828 at Big Tancook Island. When Anna Catherine dies, husband William next marries an otherwise unidentified RUDER.

Now we know that a Sarah BAKER first marries David BOUTILIER and then marries a John B. RUDER, whereupon Sarah and John B. have a son named Amos. In the 1881 Census of Hackett's Cove, we see Amos and his household, which include the widow Sarah RUDER, who is almost surely his mother. The age of this Sarah RUDER is given as 52, placing her birth in 1828, which exactly matches the DOB of Sarah Ann BAKER, d/o William and Anna Catherine.

Further, In the will of David BOUTILIER [Halifax County Wills, vol #5, p. 344-45] she is named Sarah Elizabeth. However, in a deed dated 19 Jul 1844, she is named Sarah Ann. [Source: Brenda Maruca].

And finally, Anna Elizabeth BAKER, who is known to be the sister of Sarah BAKER, is known to marry James RUDER, brother of John B.

So, I believe that David BOUTILIER and John B. RUDER's wife is this Sarah Ann BAKER. 
BAKER, Sarah Ann (I67033)
7126 William H. Slaunwhite is placed in this family beCAUSe there are only two known Roman Catholic SLAUNWHITE family to be living in Halifax City in 1901--that of James Hillary SLAUNWHITE--and this family appears to be an unlikely match. First, the parents did not marry until Dec 1901; and second, there is a birth in that family which appears to conflict with that of Michael SLAUNWHITE in Aug 1901. Therefore, Michael must belong in another family and in all probability he is the brother of William H. And since the other family appears unlikely, Michael and William are placed here. [Bob H] SLAUENWHITE, William H. (I63420)
7127 William HARNISH, h/o Nettie BEAIRSTO has not been identified for certain. However, . . .

Note that residing in Braintree are Henry Isiah HARNISH and Fitzgerald HARNISH, both sons of John Abraham HARNISH and Sarah Elizabeth BOUTILIER. John and Sarah, who both die Braintree (or Quincy, which is right next door) have another son whose name is Willam and who is born 1867. This William first marries Mary TURLEY at Quincy in 1889, but there is no sign of either of them in the 1900 Census of MA, or the 1901 Census of Canada.

The 1910 Census says William's age is 38, which puts him in the right church, albeit the wrong pew, and that he and Nettie were married 1901, which would fit. Also note that the stillborn child of William and Nettie is buried Plain Street Cemetery, Braintree, as is one of the daughters of Fitzgerald HARNISH.

So, I suspect that William, the youngest s/o John Abraham, is Nettie's mysterious husband. [Bob H] 
HARNISH, William (I47391)
7128 William Henry was boat-builder who lived and died in Annapolis, NS. So, technically at least, he was an “Annapolis Valley WHITMAN”. WHITMAN, William Henry (I41665)
7129 William Innes is shown as a widower in the 1891 Census. [Iris Shea] SLAUENWHITE, Julia Ann (I12020)
7130 William Joseph HARNISH's parents are confirmed by both his marriage license and his New Bedford, MA death record. [Source: Cindy Winters Currado] HARNISH, William Joseph (I47920)
7131 William Nelson and Sophia Westhaver are both baptized on 13 Apr 1875 so they may be twins. [Bob H] WESTHAVER, William Nelson (I67646)
7132 William posted a marriage bond dtd 24 Nov 1858. Family (F71761)
7133 William PYE is a widower when he marries Lydia MOSER and he has a daughter his first marriage. (--?--) (I159336)
7134 William Trueman is placed in this family beCAUSe, in 1881, he is living next door to Thomas Trueman, Sr., and there is only one know Trueman family in this area. TRUEMAN, John William (I66164)
7135 William's parents are sometimes seen listed as John and Emma WILE. However, John was Emma's father, with whom she and William lived. WILE, William Stewart (I157982)
7136 William, James, Keith, and Ronald SLAUNWHITE were the nephews of Kathleen Mary Slaunwhite LITTLE, whom she raised from infancy. [Source: Obit for Mary Kathleen (Slaunwhite) LITTLE]

The OLMC baptismal register names her Mary Catherine SLAUNWHITE. 
SLAUENWHITE, Mary Kathleen (I16844)
7137 Willis and Mary Catherine are know to have had two children who died as infants. Family (F11704)
7138 Willis Harvey is shown as a widower when he marries Laura KAULBACK in 1905. However, no other marriage record has been found. (--?--) (I1849)
7139 Winfred Harold RISSER's obit states that he is survived by a step-sister, Jean. However, his parents marriage record states that they are both single, and his mother is listed as the informant at his father's death (when she would be 53). So it is not possible to deduce from these records whom Jean is the child of. Also, although it is quite possible, it seems suspicious that Winfred's mother, who married at the age of 30, would have 11 children by that husband. Family (F35316)
7140 Winthrop, MA is listed as his last known residence in the SSDI. However, he does not appear in the MA Death Index, which indicates that he probably died elsewhere. [Bob H] HUBLEY, Elmer Ellsworth (I68320)
7141 WW I military service from Oct 1924 to May 1919. HAUGHN, Grover Jerome (I10615)
7142 WWI US Navy veteran, rank--Ablebody Seaman. On 25 May 1917 he enlisted for 4 years service at Boston, MA #2, Hyde Park Ave, Forest Hills, MA. He served aboard USS New York as a stoker and was discharged 25 July 1919, at 22 years of age. He is described as being 5 feet, 4 inches, 128 pounds, blue eyes, and ruddy complexion. [Walter M] MAHONEY, Frederick G. (I4682)
7143 WWI Veteran, ASN 564,330. He enlisted 18 Sept. 1916 at Boston, MA and was discharged 23 August 1919 at Camp Devens, Ayer, MA, with the rank of Corporal, Company E, 30 Infantry Regiment.
[Walter M] 
MAHONEY, Walter William (I4691)
7144 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MAHONEY, James T. (I4755)
7145 Yarmouth Times, Saturday, September 27, 1890
. . . Howard Titus, it will be remembered, lost a son last winter while out trawling. He and a son of Edgar Greenwood of Port LaTour were driven to sea by a heavy storm and their bodies were afterwards found on the Bay of Fundy shore. Capt. Titus has the entire sympathy of the whole community in his sad bereavement. 
TITUS, Arthur Howard (I237812)
7146 Yarmouth Times, Saturday, September 27, 1890
A Westport Dispatch Says: On Sunday p.m., Austin, the 4 year old son of Captain Howard Titus was missed from the house, and on dilligent search being made was not to be found. It is supposed he fell from one of the wharves and was drowned, his body being carried out to sea. 
TITUS, Austin Andreas (I237813)
7147 Yes, 1824 is what is recorded in the Register itself. The Shankle transcript is off by a year. ZWICKER, Sarah Ann (I115318)
7148 Yes, she was married at age 13. SLAUENWHITE, Jean Floretta (I17258)
7149 Yes, this is the Charles COLSON who was associated with the Watergate coverup. COLSON, Charles Wendell (I261905)
7150 Yes, this is Willa KAIZER. SAWLER, Willa Jane (I59400)

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