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51 5MRG-JJ KRESS, Harry (I862)
52 5QK6-X3 KRESS, Ellis Woodrow (I847)
53 5QK6-Z8 KRESS, Rosaleah Jewell (I848)
54 A 1995 survey by Eric Hubley of Brookside Cemetery, Bridgewater, included a Sameul and Elizabeth HUBLEY with the dates of death indicated. There is no marker for them in Brookside, and they do not appear either in the Town Cemetery Records on in the NS Death Register.

However, there is a marker in Brookside Cemetery which says only “HUBLEY”, and Eric Hubley was an excellent HUBLEY genealogist. So it seems quite possible that they died elsewhere and are buried (or at least memorialized) here. [Bob H] 
HUBLEY, Samuel (I3130)
55 A baptismal record exists showing this John HARTLEN was b. 23 April 1856. There is also a marriage record for a John HARTLEN to an Ellen HANNIGAN. widow. Finally, there are two Census entries for John, son of John HARTLEN and Elizabeth SLAUNWHITE. The problem is that both Census entries clearly show the John HARTLEN in this family as being two or three years younger than his brother George.

My guess is that there were two sons of John and Elizabeth, that the first one died before 1860, and that the next male child was named John. [Bob H] 
HARTLEN, John William (I12378)
56 A brother named Arthur is mentioned in several family sources as being among the children of Lillian (NEWCOMBE) POWER CROOKS; however, these soruces do not usually make a distinction between full and half-siblings. He does not appear to be the child of Harold DOREY and is not mentioned in the obtiuary notice of Lawrence CROOKS. So, he would appear to be the child of Robie POWER. But it is also possible that he is one of the other sons of Lillian by a different name. POWER, Arthur (I210905)
57 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. FEENER, Carlton L. (I144036)
58 A child named Catherine is born in Feb 1871 [1871 Census]. However, in the 1881, the re is no Catherine but there is a Sarah M., age 10. Since Sarah is Baptised in May 1871, these appear to be the same person. [Bob H] SIMMONDS, Sarah M. (I32336)
59 A Clarence E. MEISNER who has the right occupation (cook/chef) is last seen in Portsmouth, in 1959. MEISNER, Clarence Elwood (I118399)
60 A daughter named Mary Laura FADER is baptised 02 Feb 1888, and immediately disappears. Her sister, Margaret oddly does not have a birth/baptismal record at St. Ambrose, but appears in the 1891 Census as age 3 and in the 1901 Census b. Jan 1887, aged 13. But if she was born in January, then her age in both Censuses places her year of birth as 1888. And, inn the SSDI, Margaret's DOB is 15 Jan 1888. Since one would expect to see a baby born 15 Jan 1888 baptised sometime in February, I think the adds are quite high that Margaret and Mary Laura are the same person--Margaret Laura FADER. FADER, Margaret (I122946)
61 A daughter named May, age 1, appears in the 1881 Census of NS, but does not appear in any subsequent census. But in the 1891 Census, a son named William age 11 appears (but not in 1881). A search of the OLMC parish register finds no record of May, but does find the baptism of William. So it would appear that May and William are the same person. DUGGAN, William Garfield (I306293)
62 A David F. F. SLAVENWHIT, aged 70, dies in Vancouver, BC on 10 Nov 1949. This may not be him, but he is the closest fit. [Bob H] SLAUENWHITE, David F. (I2176)
63 A Deacon of the Church, and commonly referred to as “Deacon Samuel Whelpley.” WHELPLEY, Samuel (I2276)
64 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SLAUENWHITE, Elizabeth (I20897)
65 A family anecdote tells that these twins were born on the night of their parents wedding. SNYDER, Infant [Twin] (I188119)
66 A family anecdote tells that these twins were born on the night of their parents wedding. SNYDER, Infant [Twin] (I188120)
67 A family member reports that he was raised by his grandparents Alexander (Alonzo) and Elsie (BEACH) MANSFIELD but is actually the son of Ada (MANSFIELD) HENNEBERRY GAUTHIER. [Bob H] MANSFIELD, Francis P. (I55909)
68 A family member states that they adopted five children. CHRISTIAN, Harold Frederick (I294663)
69 A family source reports that he died at the home of daughter Celia (Naugler) Bell. NAUGLER, Howard Scott (I158869)
70 A flat stone at Sunnyside Cemetery, Whnynott's Settlement reads "Veinotte, Enos & Florence and children". It is not know which of the children this is meant to include, but May, Marguerite, and/or Audrey might be amongst them. Family (F79785)
71 A Frank Boutilier, age 14 years, dies as a result of a mill accident at Lewiston and is buried St. Peter's, Mushaboom. This is the only Frank or Franklin Boutilier who fits the description. [Bob H] BOUTILIER, Thomas Franklin (I63653)
72 A gold medal was awarded to Captain George SLAUENWHITE of Lunenburg in 1898, inscribed as follows:

“Presented by the President of the United States to Capt. George SLAUENWHITE of the British brigantine, W.E. STOWE for his humane services in the rescue of the crew of the American schooner SOPHIA T. WINTERTON, January 1st 1888.”

[SOURCE: Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise, 14 Nov 1923] 
SLAUENWHITE, George Alfred (I1753)
73 A Gordon Allen, b. Jun 1905 is living with this couple in 1911 and he is listed as son. But there is no indication as to whose son he is. Family (F48327)
74 A grand-daughter, Elizabeth M. WARMAN, age 3 6/12, is also shown living with the family in 1930. However, there is no indication as to whose child she is. FANCY, Christiana (I41806)
75 A granddaughter named Eldora, b. 19 Apr 1897, of parents unknown [to me], is living with Albert and Sarah in 1901. Family (F7557)
76 A granddaughter of the Richard L. HUBLEY who m. Edna SKENE confirms that her grandfather, who the family knew as “Logan” was from Moser River. [Bob H] Family (F21920)
77 A half-brother, Gregory SCOTT is listed in his obit; however, I cannot deduce who his parents were. [Bob H] SHATFORD, Desmond Harold (I44811)
78 A Hazel SLAUENWHITE, age 3, dies in 1916 in Halifax and is buried Mt. Olivet. However, her parents are not named in the death register entry. This Hazel SLAEUNWHITE has not been found after her birth and at least four of her siblings are buried Mt. Olivet.

So, despite the difference in reported age, I suspect it is her. [Bob H] 
SLAUENWHITE, Hazel Veronica (I69661)
79 A John William SLAUENWHITE of Terence Bay is bur. 17 Jul 1973, aged 51, at Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Lower Sackville. This could be him as there are no other good candidates. [Bob H] SLAUENWHITE, William (I22189)
80 A Joseph William Slaunwhite, age 2 months, son of Reuben and Mary, residents of Halifax, is buried at Mount Olivet on 30 Aug 1903. [Joe Whitby] Family (F5977)
81 A lawyer was a person appointed by the town to check deeds and contracts. [Bob H] SCHLAGINTWEIT, Johann Jacob (I7386)
82 A lawyer was a person appointed by the town to check deeds and contracts. [Bob H] SCHLAGINTWEIT, Johann Jacob (I7393)
83 A life-long bachelor. ARMSTRONG, George Cornelius (I36101)
84 A man who seems to be him appears in the California Census in 1910. FADER, Amos (I11737)
85 A marker at Moser Cemetery, Cow Bay states that she died at age 16 weeks and is bur. St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Eastern Passage. According to her Death Certificate, both statements are inaccurate. [Bob H] MOSHER, Carol Mary (I100006)
86 A marker at St. Matthew's Cemetery, Upper LaHave (Rhodes Corner) reads:
Wagner Josiah A 23 Apr 1863 - 1886 lost at sea; wife Alice T Randall 23 Mar 1868 - 10 Jun 1957; son Josiah H 24 Jun 1886 - 3 Nov 1900 lost at sea

and here is an entry on the Lunenburg Fisherman's Memorial:
WAGNER, Josiah H.1900, Nov 3 "lost at sea" Lunenburg Co. age 14; Upper LaHave cemetery.; son of Josiah A.

But this same Josiah H. WAGNER appears in the 1901 Census and on 12 Feb 1913 at Riverport, this Josiah H. WAGNER m. Maggie MYRA. Then, on 5 Jun 1917 at Detroit, MI, a man who is clearly this Josiah H. Wagner states that he is single and registers for the US WWI Draft. And in DEC 1917, he crosses the US border at NB on his way from MI to NS.

And finally, a marker at Shepherd's Hill Cemetery, Riverport says:Wagner Josiah 1884 - 1918; Wagner Maggie Myra 1886 - 1968

It is totally unclear how two separate and independent memorials could have him dying in 1900, when he is clearly still alive. 
WAGNER, Josiah Haliburton (I151516)
87 A marker inscription in Brookside Cemetery reads:

Mosher, Millage E. 29 Sep 1867 - 12 Mar 1938; his wife Lillian May 29 Aug 1873 - 15 Mar 1951; Mosher, Capt. Roy Milton 18 Feb 1901 - 7 Apr 1957, Lost At Sea; Mosher, John Edward 1 Nov 1899 - 24 Nov 1966; Mosher, Lilla May 21 Sep 1906 - 22 Dec 1906; Mosher, Donald Millage 28 Nov 1909 - 8 Dec 1910; Mosher, Victor 24 May 1911 - 26 Aug 1911; Mosher, Grace 21 Aug 1914 - 25 Sep 1914; Children of Millage & Lillian Mosher [Sec D, #194]

However, a NS Civil death record records the death of daughter Lilla May  on 26 Aug 1911 at age 5 months. Further, although the 1911 Census records an infant male born May 1911 in this family, the relationship column appears to be overwritten with the word  "Dau".  Also, it would appear that names and dates of the four children on the marker were added sometime well after their deaths; so it is quite possible that something got transposed in the process.

Since it is very difficult to discount that death record, I think the most likely explanation is that the  marker is wrong and that it is Lilla May who dies 1911 which probably means that it is son Victor who dies 1906. 
MOSHER, Lilla May (I145331)
88 A marriage bond dated 7 Dec 1863 exists. Family (F40629)
89 A marriage date of 10 Nov 1856 is given in the civil birth register record [Halifax County, 1868, page 157, #228] for their daughter Anna Ellen. However such dates are notoriously unreliable. [Bob H] Family (F6123)
90 A marriage was recorded for this couple on 23 Nov 1877 at Terence Bay. [OLMC, 1877, page 211]. However, since birth records for their children indicate that they were married 31 Oct 1864. It is known that some Terence Bay couples were remarried in a Catholic ceremony upon conversion from Anglicanism, and this appear to be a instance of same. [Bob H] Family (F3883)
91 A Mary Jane BOUTILIER, age 78, of Mushaboom, dies 2 Feb 1917 at Cole Harbour. This is the only Mary Jane BOUTILIER who fits the description. [Bob H] HUBLEY, Mary Jane (I2774)
92 A Mary PARNELL reportedly died young. It is not certain that she is the Lyda M. PARNELL in the 1901 Census, but she does meet the description. PARNELL, Lyda Mary (I233841)
93 A Mary THOMPSON with this exact DOB dies in NY in Apr 1964. [SSDI] SLAUENWHITE, Mary Maude (I1715)
94 A Mrs. C.W. BILLINGTON, daughter, is the informant of John McAVOY's death. MCAVOY, Ann (I111587)
95 A muster Roll for Co H, 6th NH Infantry states that he was “Left at Warrenton Junction, VA. Aug 24, 1862”. This occurred as the unit was in motion for the 2nd Battle of Bull Run, which began Aug 26th when Jackson attacked a column of Pope's army near Brawner Farm, Warrenton. It probably means that he was either ill or injured.

His Certificate of Disability for Discharge dated 13 Oct 1862 states that, at US Army Hospital, Newark, NJ, he was examined on 7 Oct 1862 and found to have “Phthisis of the third stage”, meaning he was near death from tuberculosis. His death probably occurred in October as his widow submitted an application for a Widow's pension on Nov 13, 1862. [Civil War Service record/Pension index entries for Jonas M. Willey]. 
WILLEY, Jonas M. (I464)
96 A nephew of Princetta CLEVELAND states that she moved to the US, married a Benjamin HAVERSTOCK, used the name Juanita, and d. 10 May 1970 in Boston. A Juanita HABEREK b. 22 Sep 1901, did die in Boston on that date. CLEVELAND, Princetta Virginia (I148414)
97 A newspaper article describing the Springhill Mine Disaster of Feb 1891 notes that Gordon Carmichael was "seriously burned". Since he has not been fouinf in any census subsequent to 1891, he may have died of those burns. CARMICHAEL, Gordon (I78521)
98 A note attached to the 1935 marriage record for John GREENLUM and Mary CARTER states that "He is presumably a widower as his first wife left him upwards of 40 years ago, since when he has not seen her. Some time ago, her brother told him she was dead". And various records, including the Census, leave no doubt that Mary CARTER is the mother of all of his children except daughter Minnie, who is listed in daughter Edith's obit as a half-sister. GREENLUN, John William (I204535)
99 A note from Barbara Kelly advises that a Violet SLAUNWHITE was taken in by a Murphy family in Halifax who became her guardians, that Violet's mother was named Emma(?), that Violet may have had a sibling, and that nothing was known of her father except that he died in 1931 at age 22. The only man who seems to fit this description is George Mahlon SLAUNWHITE. Coupling this with the fact that his wife was named Emily and that the funeral for the five-year-old son of George Mahlon and Emily was paid for by a Harry J. MURPHY [Cruikshank's records], seems to confirm this hypothesis. [Bob H] SLAUENWHITE, Violet (I26334)
100 A note from Barbara Kelly advises that a Violet SLAUNWHITE was taken in by a Murphy family in Halifax who became her guardians, that Violet's mother was named Emma, that Violet may have had a sister, and that nothing was known of her father except that he died in 1931 at age 22. Putting this all together, the odds seem quite high that the father was Mahlon SLAUNWHITE. [Bob H] SLAUENWHITE, George Mahlon (I19535)

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