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101 A NS Application for Delayed Registration of Birth lists the applicant Marion Myrtle BAILEY. However, the obit for brother Alfred as well as the 1911 Census show that Marion and Myrtle were actually twins. BAILEY, Marion [Twin] (I244693)
102 A number of genealogies have him as the George FADER who lived in California. However, that George FADER states in several censuses that his father was born in Germany and that his mother was born in Scot;and. FADER, George Henry (I245349)
103 A number of genealogies have the wife of John Nathaniel VOGLER as Sarah Eizabeth ROABR , b. 08 Apr 1829, d/o John Christopher and Eva Catherine DEMONE. However, she was born at Upper Lahave while the St. andrew's Presbyterian marriage record for John N. VOGLER and Elizabeth ROBAR states that she was from North West. This fact makes her the d/o Jacques and Maria Anna (LOWE) ROBAR, who lived at North West. ROBAR, Sarah Elizabeth (I212197)
104 A number of genealogies show her as having died 07 Apr 1878. However, she is alive and living with son Rupert in the 1901 Census. LANTZ, Sophia (I181449)
105 A number of people have placed her in this family, but I have yet to discover why. At the moment, she is placed here so as not to be lost. CORKUM, Lucy Anne (I263486)
106 A number of records, e.g., his marriage record, state that he was born at Montreal, QC, while others state that he was born at various locations in Halifax county, NS, e.g., St. Margaret's Bay, Halifax. It is known that the family lived at SMB both before and after his birth, so clearly he was "of St. Margaret's Bay". My guess is that he was actually born at Montreal and anyone who didn't know the particulars of his birth just assumed that he was born at SMB. GRAVES, William David (I278119)
107 A number of step-children are mentioned in her obit, but their fathers are not identified in that obit. SWINAMER, Doris Marguerite (I56983)
108 A person who appears to be him is seen in Brockton, MA in 1930, working in a shoe factory. PULSIFER, Guy R. (I58776)
109 A Presbyterian Witness article--dated 6 Jan 1872--has this from a correspondent: “ I just returned from a visit to Mrs. Countaway of Torn's Bay, who presented her husband on Friday last with a New Year's gift of four babies--three girls and one boy. Mrs. C. told me that she was ten years married and gave birth to thirteen children. The first three were single, the next three twins each time, and now four. Beat that if you can. “

A second Presbyterian Witness article--dated 31 May 1873--states: “At Terence Bay, a woman lives who has given birth to more children within a given time that any other woman of whom we remember to have heard. Her name is Sophia, the wife of Absalom Countaway. She was married in 1863, and about a year afterwards gave birth to one child. This was followed in due course by four sets of twins, then, about fifteen months since, came four at birth, and on Thursday last, this phenomenon was repeated, thus making seventeen children, in seven births within ten years.”

It would appear that the second article has her year of marriage wrong, and the two articles make it unclear whether the second and third child were single births or twins. I suspect they were twins as all that would be consistent with the otherwise consistent pattern of births at two year intervals.
Whatever the case, it is clear that the children born in 1873 were quadruplets. That brings the total number of known children of Sophia (Slaunwhite) COUNTAWAY to 18, although some cannot yet be identified and most likely died in infancy. [Bob H] 
SLAUENWHITE, Sophia (I8742)
110 A Private James Riley of St. Helens, Lancashire, dies on 17 Oct 1916 of wounds received in WWI. This is probably not the husband of Annie STEVENS but might be a son. Family (F39959)
111 A sad accident occurred at Gold River, Lunenburg, N.S., Wm SLAUGHENWHITE was driving logs when he slipped off and was drowned. He leaves a wife and six children. SLAUENWHITE, William Francis (I1489)
112 A Social Security Claim is filed in her name on 23 Jan 1940, but she does not seem to appear in the 1940 US Census. LESLIE, Annie (I39286)
113 A son named Donald is mentioned in the obit of daughter Thelma. However, there is no mention of son Garnet so it seems most like that "Donald" is a mistake for "Garnet" Family (F79310)
114 A stone in Round Hill Cemetery states only that Etta WHITMAN, daughter of Charles and [illegible] WHITMAN, died at age 4 years. However, given the location of her burial and other circumstantial evidence, this is almost certainly her. [Bob H] WHITMAN, Julia Etta (I32758)
115 A stone in Round Hill Cemetery states: Nettie M., wife of Parker WHITMAN, d. 30 Nov 1890, age 27. She is buried in the same plot with a Lily WHITMAN who d. 10 Oct 1886; since Lily is otherwise unknown, she is presumably the d/o Parker and Nettie. [Bob H] WHITMAN, Lily (I90628)
116 A stone in St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery, Mill Cove reads: “This Marker Was Placed In Memory Of Joseph And Catherine Boutilier By Grandchildren Lionel Boutilier And Gertrude Shatford, Son And Daughter Of Amos Boutilier, And Deborah, His Wife”. It is assumed that Joseph John Fredrick BOUTILIER and his wife, Catherine VERGE are buried in an unmarked grave at St. Mark's. He is noted as the sixth child. [Bob H] BOUTILIER, Joseph John Frederick (I45496)
117 A stone in St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery, Mill Cove reads: “This Marker Was Placed In Memory Of Joseph And Catherine Boutilier By Grandchildren Lionel Boutilier And Gertrude Shatford, Son And Daughter Of Amos Boutilier, And Deborah, His Wife”. It is assumed that Joseph John Fredrick BOUTILIER and his wife, Catherine VERGE are buried in an unmarked grave at St. Mark's. [Bob H] VERGE, Catherine Ann Rebecca (I45497)
118 A Susan WALKER appears in this family in the 1911 Census, but I can find no marriage or death record for her, nor is she mentioned in the obit for her sister Grace. However, Grace's obit does list an otherwise unaccounted for sibling named Eleanor. So while it is eminently possible that Eleanor and Susan are two different persons, it seems more likely that they are the same person. WALKER, Eleanor Susan (I121709)
119 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. NAUGLER, Mary H. (I93041)
120 A transcription of the CROUSE marker at Camperdown has a daughter named Ameril. I believe this is Emily.. CROUSE, Emily (I264773)
121 A transcription of the CROUSE marker at CAmperdown has a daughter named Sibyann. I believe this is Sylvia Anna. CROUSE, Sylvia Anna (I264774)
122 A Victor HANCOCK who meets his description enters the US at Detroit, MI in 1907. HANCOCK, Victor William (I63325)
123 A woman named M. Caroline HARTLAND died 20 Jan 1889, at age 48, and is buried at Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax. Whether or not this is Caroline SLAUNWHITE remains to be proven.

In the OLMC register, her husband's name is given as HARTLIN, and in the Census it is HARTLIN. However, the spelling in the OLMC register before about 1865 is consistently inconsistent, and contains (among other variations on various surnames) a number of HARTLANDs, HARTLINs, HARTLENs, and HARTLINGs. I think it highly probable that she is the person buried at Camp Hill. [Bob H] 
SLAUENWHITE, Caroline Margaret (I12381)
124 A woman who looks like her appears as a Single woman in the 1911 Census of Halifax City. DAUPHINEE, Melinda Elfreda (I46681)
125 A woman who may be her is seen in the 1930 census of Baltimore, MD. CLINTON, Jean Elizabeth (I125601)
126 According to a relative, she celebrated Bunker Hill day as it was the saem day as her birthday--17 June. LOCKE, Minnie May (I79462)
127 According to Addie Williams, Clarence marries Lena CASSIDY and has daughter Norma. However, in 1932, one Clarence R. CORKUM marries Lorraine TILLEY at Moncton, Westmoreland, NB. It is not certain that this is the correct Clarence; however, it is the correct Clarence who marries Lena CASSIDY in 1952. Given the dates of these marriages, it seems more likely that Norma is the daughter of Lorraine, assuming it is the correct Clarence CORKUM who marries her in 1932. CORKUM, Clarence Raye (I105226)
128 According to an inscription survey, her marker states that she died 1926. However, according to a letter received by Jean Tavanaee from the St. Ambrose Parish Secretary in Dec 1996, their records show that she died in 1923. Since markers lie much more often than registers, the 1923 date is used here. DULONG, Mary Emilie (I122911)
129 According to Arthur Wellington SAWLER in LIFELINE, they had only one child, a daughter named Cathy. Family (F23587)
130 According to Canon Harris' Notes, he never married. Since he is not mentioned in his father's 1848 LWT, he seems to have died before then. ZWICKER, John George (I264628)
131 According to Canon Harris, "probably" he hanged himself over a brook after his wife died. We do know that he was deceased by 1820. VEINOT, Peter James (I85739)
132 According to Charles B. Whitman, Aubrey Clarence WHITMAN marries a Mary NELSON. BeCAUSe their ages don't seem to align as well as one would wish, the Mary NELSON who dies Jan 1997 may not be that person. Her husband is not named in her obit. However, she is the only known Mary NELSON who marries an Annapolis Valley WHITMAN in the right time frame and, in her obit, she is said to be formerly of Inglisville, which puts her in the right location. [Bob H] NELSON, Mary Elizabeth (I253404)
133 According to DesBrisay, she was actually bon on an island near Chester Basin. REYNOLDS, Elizabeth (I36889)
134 According to Edmund Langille's notes of 1898, he went to Liscomb [Guysborough County]. There seem to be two different BAKER patriarchs in Liscomb, one English and the other "Dutch". Since the senior George BAKER in the 1871 Census is "DUTCH", he would appear to be the George BAKER of Lunenburg. BAKER, George (I107911)
135 According to family legend, daughter Ellen Theresa SARTy was age 15 when her mother died. CROUSE, Sabina Ann (I80409)
136 According to Farnham, this Thomas N. Berry died 21 Jan 1873 at Boston. The death record for the Thomas N. BERRY who died 21 Jan 1873 at Boston, states that he was born Halifax, NS in 1851, and that his parents were John W. and Elizabeth BERRY, all of which (except for his father's name) disagree with the known facts.

However, Gallops Island was an isolation area in Boston Harbor and Thomas BERRY 's death was from Small Pox, so his recorded details may not have been all that accurate. Also, much of Farnham's data came from family members, and while some small details are often in error, the major details are usually correct. So I tend to believe that this is the right Thomas BERRY. 
BERRY, Thomas Nelson (I35858)
137 According to Granny ELKINS, her grandfather--John Frederick BOUTILIER--had six daughters, of whom only Ellen survived to adulthood. [Bob H] Family (F1674)
138 According to her death certificate, she was the d/o Minnie COLWELL and Samuel BURTON . COOKSON, Hilda Matilda (I26484)
139 According to her death record, she died aged 12 years, 6 months, 19 days, but there is no birth record for a Campbell child born on that date; moreover, in one register, those numbers are marked with a circle [whose meaning is unknown]. On the other hand, there is a birth record for an unnamed daughter born 11 Jan 1888 and that daughter does not appear in any census, nor does she have a death record. Further when Erminie dies, both of her parents have predeceased her, so they cannot be there reporters of her age at death. Thus it would appear most likely that Erminie and the infant born 1888 are the same person. CAMPBELL, Erminie Beatrice (I34049)
140 According to her son, the Agnes BOLDUC who m. Ralph Evans SILVER was actually born 23 Jul 1906; however, the birth was not properly recorded. The Agnes BOLDUC born 27 Aug 1905 died shortly after birth and the name was re-used. BOLDUC, Agnes Victoria (I223353)
141 According to his Death Certifictae, he died in an automobile accident [location unknown, but almost certainly in Halifax County]. He was DOA at Victoria General Hospital, Halifax. MOSHER, Raymond Douglas (I99986)
142 According to his death notice, he left a wife and 8 children. ETTER, Franklyn Germanus (I123281)
143 According to his death notice, he settled at St. Margaret's Bay in 1812. ALLEN, Christopher Sr. (I59582)
144 According to his death record, he was to be buried at Fern Hill Cemetery and then reburied at the Methodist Burial Ground in the Spring. MOSHER, William Albert (I162444)
145 According to his grandson, Warren Wakefield Eisner, Peter Brown's actual name was Dunne (which means Brown). He escaped Ireland as the British had a price on his head. He worked in a logging camp and always had men travel with him for protection. One day he decided to travel alone. He was found dead under a bridge the next day, having been shot . The locals said it was the British who took care of him which Warren stated was untrue. In his words, "The truth of the matter was that whenever he drank he was a miserable bastard to the local Indians. It was they who did him in." DUNNE, Peter (I186690)
146 According to his great-granddaughter, he was killed in an explosion in Mendocino County. BODY, Robert (I254852)
147 According to his marker, he died aged 1 yr, 10 mos. CORKUM, Edward Steadman (I292249)
148 According to his obit, he was age 86 at his death in Jan 1995, which would place his birth in 1908. While this is certainly possible, two facts seem to contradict this. First, he does not appear in the 1911 Census. Also, his sister Edna, who wa born Feb 1991 was born in Berwick yet the family is living in Middelton in the 1991 Census. So it would seem that the family moved from Berwick to Middleton in the Spring of 1911, and Fred's obit tells us that he was born in Middleton. Thus it would seem more likely that the age at death given in his obit is wrong and that he was born after 1911. PATTERSON, Frederick Gesner (I115267)
149 According to his obit, he was the son of Wallace and Ruth (BAKER) GAULTON. But since his surname was BAKER, Wallace GAULTON may or may not have been his biological father. BAKER, Walter (I201292)
150 According to his obit, Laurence and Margaret (McKittrick) Himmelman had one son and four daughters, plus one stepson and two stepdaughters.. HIMMELMAN, Laurence Arthur (I292304)

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