A Brief Explanation of This Database

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This database contains a genealogy of the ancestors, descendants, relatives and also (in some cases) in-laws, friends, neighbors, and countrymen of our extended family. It's principal focus is on who is related to who, and how, rather than on detailed individual descriptions or histories.

While every effort has been made to insure accuracy, a file of this size almost certainly contains errors of both omission and commission; in addition, it suffers from having been constructed by the world's worst "four finger and two thumb" typist. So any and all corrections, additions, deletions, comments, etc, would be appreciated.

For privacy, this site does not intentionally make public any information, other than name, for any individual under 72 years of age not known to be deceased. This rule derives from the US Census, the information in which is publicly released after 72 years. If you believe the display of a name [or anything else on the site] violates your privacy, please let us know what the issue is and we will work to resolve it.

PS. The above photo was taken about 50 years ago.

This database currently contains 331,130 individuals in 136,760 families, and was last updated on 15 Jul 2024.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.